Pattern Review sewing competition

I’ve decided to start entering a few sewing/ dressmaking competitions just to push myself to work a little quicker and to a better standard. My problem though was finding some! After much googling, I’ve decided to enter the Pattern Review Little Red Dress Contest. 

It started a couple of weeks ago and ends on Tuesday and typically I’ve left it to the last minute! It requires you to make a little red dress in honour of the American Heart Association. (And yes I’m not American but the 1st prize is a gift certificate for this awesome vintage pattern website!). You have to then upload picture of your creation and post them on the competition website and other people then vote!

So I ended up drafting a new pattern from scratch and found this gorgeous red fabric to use and voilá!  

  It’ll make for a cute summer dress so even if I don’t win its not the end of the world… But I really hope I do! Haha!

The back has a braided strap detail with was far more hassle than it was worth. It looks kinda cool but it’s definitely put me off doing that technique again in future!

Sorry the pics are terrible! I really need to stop just using my phone to take them…

Little Red Dress Contest


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  1. Good luck in the contest! I can’t sew fast enough to even try to enter lol Not having any red fabric might be a problem too 😉

    1. Emmy says:

      Thanks! I had to go and buy some red fabric specially – it’s not normally my colour of choice!

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