Sewing Challenge Update

At the beginning of 2013 I decided to challenge myself to empty my wardrobe and to build it back up solely with clothes that I’ve designed and made. Partly this was to push me to learn more techniques and styles, fitting methods etc to be able to create what I needed and partly to stop me buying all sorts of rubbish from the shops which most likely would be poor quality and poor fitting.

About halfway through the year, I kinda figured out that this would take a lot longer than I thought to complete. Working around a full time job meant not much time to sew! Plus my attention span is like a 3 year old so some projects just took ages to finish.

I am getting there (maybe)… Dress wise, skirt wise, even tops- I managed to make a fair headway. I’ve even drafted and toiled a jeans pattern. The real problem I found was finding the right fabric for what I wanted. It meant compromising on things I really wanted or caving and buying them (my new black Levi’s!). Also the fact that I’m trying out a lot of things for the first time and I’m sure you all know that it can take a few attempts at a new pattern draft or technique to master it. I’ve unfortunately made a couple of complete duds…

I’m still going though! I do think it’s a worthwhile goal. And I’m determined that at some point (hopefully not too far away) I’ll be able to complete this challenge I’ve set myself so watch this space!


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