A 2016 Travel Round Up

So my last post on here was back in the beginning of September!! I’ve been a bit busy with my other sewing blog and lots of travelling to update this one so I’ll add the last few months in the year in this 2016 travel round up!

January – March

I learnt to ski! I did two weeks of skiing, one in Tignes and one in the Alpbach.

Looking good on the slopes!

April – June 
I managed some short trips in this time. I spent a couple days in Seville and 24 hours in Paris. Paris was purely a fabric shopping trip with some eating involved! Seville was lovely. I’d  definitely recommend visiting that part of Spain!

July – August

July and August saw another 2 trips to Spain. I had a long weekend in Barcelona and one in Valencia. Valencia was combined with the tomato throwing festival La Tomatina which you can read about here.


September was busy! I went to Bestival on the Isle of Wight which was great fun! (We saw Craig David and Sean Paul and they were awesome!!).

I also went to Crete for a week of sunbathing with friends, eating too much and sleeping in late. We stayed in an airbnb villa with a private pool and rented a car to get around.


I lucked out and got 3 weeks off work to go to the Far East with my parents. We went to Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. All places I’ve been before but I definitely enjoyed going again! We splurged and stayed in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. (Yes, that’s the building which looks like there’s a boat on top of it).

In Hong Kong we were reminded of how little space there is in the city! Our hotel room was tiny! We stayed in Yau Ma Tei close to the MTR and lots of shops and restaurants. The language barriers got a bit troublesome. My dad’s bad Cantonese could only get us so far! We were also hit by a typhoon whilst in Hong Kong so we had to spend a couple of days hotel bound!

We only visited Penang in Malaysia, my mother’s hometown. Mostly spent that week eating and visiting relations!


Ah, the yearly trip to New York for Thanksgiving! We decided this would probably be our last trip out to New York for a while. The whole Donald Trump was a bit off putting to be honest. Still we made the most of the few days we were here and had a great time! We came back with much heavier suitcases courtesy of the Black Friday sales. We also went to see a basketball game at Madison Square Gardens (the Knicks vs the Charlotte Hornets) and it was the best thing ever!! Seriously. I now love basketball!


Well I couldn’t plan any trips for December. I promised myself that after New York I wouldn’t take time off for the rest of the year! Saying that, I have spent this week in my pyjamas at home so I still managed a few days off!

I’ve had a great 2016. Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of it! Let’s hope 2017 carries on like this!

Happy new year everyone!

Much love, Emily x


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