48 hours in Seville


What do you do when you’ve got a long bank holiday weekend coming up? Book a last minute city break of course!

Seville’s been on my travel list for a little while and I was reminded of that when I caught Richard Ayoade’s Travel Man do 48 hours in Seville! Plus the fact that it’s hot and sunny there with highs of 32deg and London is a measly 12deg, it seemed a no brainier to pack up and go!

Getting there:

Flights with Easyjet (with no check in baggage) were £145pp return from Gatwick Airport. 

We took a taxi from the airport to the city. There are fixed tariffs for airport transfers – €22.20 mon-fri 7am-9pm, €24.75 weekends, holidays and late nights. 

Where we stayed:

Hotel Las Casas de la Judería €145 per night with 2 people sharing. 

This hotel is amazing! It’s made up of 27 connecting townhouses in the middle of the old town Jewish quarter. It has underground tunnels connecting the first half which connects to courtyards and corridors that lead you all he way through. There’s a rooftop swimming pool (not heated though) and sun loungers littered over the astro turfed roof with beautiful views in all directions. All in all it was a ridiculously charming hotel in a very convenient location. Definitely recommended! 

One of the underground linking tunnels
From the hotel rooftop

What we did:

Real Alcázar – €9.50 entrance or free if you go in the last hour of opening on a Monday. 

I wish that couple weren’t sitting right there…
Beautiful tiling inside the palace
Just a reminder of where we were!
Beautiful architecture in an inside courtyard

Catédral de Seville
– we didn’t go inside but it’s an amazing building!
Cathedral at night

Bought sweets from nuns – from Convento Madre de Dios, open mon-fri 10am to 3pm.

There’s a nun behind that grate…
Practising my Spanish with a nun is fun!
I got my convent sweets!

What we ate:

Tapas at Vineria San Telmo – probably the best tapas I’ve ever had!

Spanish snacks at the Salt and Sugar café – it’s a cute hole in the wall place with beautiful crockery and yummy hot chocolates!

Mercado Lonja deal Barranco – it’s like a super fancy/ trendy food court…  Full of delicious things and in a beautiful ironwork building! (Plus it also has air conditioning and free wifi if you’re into that sort of thing…).

Inside the mercado
Sorry for all the pictures… Cat and I both brought our new cameras so we were snapping away like mad!

So, go to Seville! You won’t regret it!


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