A wrap jumpsuit

(This is a very delayed post of a jumpsuit/ romper/ whatever-you-want-to-call-it I made last summer! I kept postponing it as I meant to take some better photos of it but in the end I’ve just used some pics from the wedding I wore it to!)

After all of that faffing about with my grey jersey maxi and getting it ready for my friend’s wedding, I ended up wearing it to a ball last summer and made myself something new that was a bit more wedding worthy…

With the weather better and brighter in the beginning of August, it seemed more appropriate to wear something a bit happier than just grey. I’d been thinking of using this green and pink floral fabric for a while with dreams of turning it into a full length jumpsuit and this was finally incentive to ‘jump’ right in and go for it…

So design-wise there were a few things I wanted:

– a wide pleated leg (palazzo pant style)

– some sort of wrap closure

Ok, so only 2 things I wanted… I’d had the idea for a wrap play suit for a while but wasn’t sure how it would work (especially in the crotch area) but now was my chance to figure it out!

I made quite a rough draft initially as I was sure that there would be things that would need altering and there was. In actual fact, the trouser part was fine, that all fitted with little issue but the top! I clearly hadn’t compensated enough for the close fit I wanted or the fabric stretch out A LOT but it was pretty gappy. I ended up having to shortening the straps and wear a little tube top underneath for it to work.

Luckily it still looked alright!


Wedding guests!


With the bride!

Definitely something I’d make again after I figure out some better adjustments for the bodice. I’ve even bought the perfect fabric for it – an ultramarine blue viscose- that’ll look fabulous!


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  1. I love the fabric choice and your outfit is lovely!

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