Dressmaking Inspiration

So, I’ve been a bit too busy to do any actual sewing so far this year. But since we’re only one week in to 2016 I don’t feel too bad yet!

What I do have time for though is to look for new ideas and designs to inspire my new creations – which may or may not remain a figment of my imagination until I get my sewing room organised…

My favourite place to look for inspiration is Pinterest (of course!). There’s just so many good pins to be found! I like that it’s range is so vast – you can find anything from the latest runway shows to worldwide street style and vintage. It’s a seemingly endless pool of good things.

Here’s my dressmaking inspiration board so far…

I’ve pinned things I think have great design and style and interesting pattern cutting techniques as well as stuff I just want to try to make! If you flip through the pins you can see my love for simple silhouettes with an emphasis on smaller details like the rucheing of a Madame Grès dress, crazy style darts on a bodice or a beautifully draped t-shirt back.

I keep a separate style board, which to be fair also has some great dressmaking ideas but also consists of a lot of people looking cool in skinny jeans and leather jackets or ball gowns, neither of which I have any intention of making…

If you’d also like to see lots of pins of beautiful homes, random DIY projects and craft ideas, you can follow me on Pinterest here…

(This post is part of my Blogging 101 assignment #4 in which we’re asked to post something that we want our “ideal” reader to read and to use a new blogging element. FYI, you’re ALL my ideal readers! Here, I wanted my readers to be able to see what kind of style I’m into by writing about my inspiration – I think that gives you guys a great idea of what kinds of things I’m into and what to expect. The Pinterest thing is new to me too!)


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  1. I can spend HOURS on Pinterest – I get completely sucked in. 🙂

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