Goodbye 2015, hello 2016!

2015 seems to have gone by in a blink of an eye – time definitely sped up this year!

It’s been a year of lots of new things and experiences, some good, some fab and some somewhere in between.

I’ve settled into my new flat and discovered a joy of building things (I got my first power tool!). That also meant a brand new sewing space just for me, one where I could make as much mess as I wanted without anyone telling me off… I got my new sewing machines so I could really make the most of the space and time spent here. In my attempt to be all grown up, I tried to be green fingered and use my new windowsills to grow a mini herb garden. Though that just proved that I’m not green fingered in the slightest.

My little sister graduated from university (Congrats Jess!) and we finally saw her return back to Essex after 4 years spent in Bristol completing her undergrad degree and masters. 


I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to intern at Tilly and the Buttons, an indie sewing pattern company where I spent 3 months learning the ropes and practising my sewing skills. It was definitely a great insight into how you can turn your passion into a business

I learnt to make shoes! Now that was a new skill I never though I’d have. I took a one day course at I Can Make Shoes and followed that up with a pattern cutting short course at the London College of Fashion. I can now make flat shoes (woohoo!) of any design I can come up with, although I’ve since found that all this skill has done is increase my stockpile of leather offcuts… I’ll just add shoe making to my list of New Year’s resolutions… 


In and around all this I managed to squeeze some travelling in. In May, we had a family staycation to Saunton Sands and I went on a second trip to Paris. September saw my sisters and I head off to Turkey for a couple of weeks which was lovely! Time spent in the sun by the sea with lots of good food is always time well spent… I finished the year with another trip to New York over the Thanksgiving weekend. With temperatures reaching 17 degrees in the middle of winter it was definitely not the break we were expecting (and definitely much better than the sleet/ snow we experienced last year…).


And what’s London without its weird, wonderful and wacky events happening all year round? I dressed up like a Jedi for the Secret Cinema screening of The Empire Strikes Back. I stayed up all night to eat dinner at 3am as part of the 200 club 24 hour dining experience. We laughed like crazy at the latest Gingerline dinner (no spoilers here yet as this is still ongoing!). We did some Moby Dick inspired crazy golf which I was spectacularly bad at. I went to an immersive Alice in Wonderland experience in The Vaults at Waterloo. We got some culture on at the Louis Vuitton exhibition, the Madamoiselle Privé exhibition, the Alexander McQueen exhibition and the Audrey Hepburn portrait exhibition. The wackiest exhibition was Decision by Carsten Höller at the Southbank Centre. Now that was an odd day out! Flying machines, mobile hospital beds, exit slides were all found here. 


Live music was big for me in 2015, with tickets to see Alt-J, Hozier, Clean Bandit, Ben Howard, Imagine Dragons as well as getting lucky with Glastonbury resale tickets (thanks Jess!). Glastonbury festival saw us camp in style during a surprisingly warm weekend which saw Lionel Ritchie rock and Kanye, well, not. 


All in all, 2015 was a great year. Let’s hope 2016 will be even better!


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