Fun times at Worthy Farm – Glastonbury Festival ’15

This is a rather delayed post on our (very) long weekend at Glastonbury. It’s taken me this long to get back to normal!

Five days camping out at my favourite music festival is one of the most simultaneous exhilarating and exhausting holiday experiences ever. This was our second time at Glastonbury and this time we were determined to do it better than before! In order to get a spot in our desired campsite (near the good toilets – very important) we left home at 4am to drive the 3 1/2 hours from Essex to Somerset and sat out in the morning sun for an hour or so before the gates to the festival site opened and the tent building frenzy began.   

Totally worth the early wake up call, we managed to secure a great site and by 10.30am we were unpacked and chilling out, watching others scramble past in order to find their own…  

Over the 5 days we were made sure to explore this pop up village properly and made sure to go to every field and stage and soak everything up! There’s always so much to see and do!

Weather-wise the festival was pretty blessed this year with mostly warm sunny days- it rained heavily just a couple of times- and you could see the festival goers making the most of it in tiny shorts, crop tops, dresses, play suits and more. I definitely got a bit sunburnt too!  

This time we were organised enough to use the free showers provided by Greenpeace so we had a much cleaner festival experience than usual! We even got our hair washed at a pop up grooming parlour. (There’s a couple of them on site for future reference where they offer full salon experiences or just DIY styling where they provide those much wanted hair dryers and straighteners). 

As always, the music was fantastic (Kanye withstanding), the circus was electrifying, the green fields fascinating and the South East corner equally terrifying and mesmerising. The food’s delicious (we found our favourite Caribbean stall again), with so many choices of cuisine you wouldn’t be able to sample everything.

Here are some pics of the festival!

Michael Eavis with a Maori performing arts group:   


The Unfairground:   

Lionel Richie chased the clouds away:   

 Pyramid stage:      Salsa class:  

Random sculptures:   


 Working a kimono jacket I made!: 


Ready to go again next year!


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