DIY jersey yarn clutch

Ever heard of Wool and the Gang? They’re those people out there making knitting cool. They offer knitting kits with their own patterns and yarn (they make their own jersey yarn from unwanted fabric ends from factories in Eastern Europe) and ready made items to buy. They’re all about making fashion ethical again rather than succumbing to the fast fashion that’s so popular now. Anyways, I love their idea/ethos and I love their style. They’ve restyled knitting for the modern woman. The biggest benefit? Plain stitches on chunky needles mean that this style is easy to recreate and also quick to accomplish.

I wanted to do as they do and repurpose my leftover bits of knit fabric to make my own yarn and see what I could achieve. And since I always end up with bits of fabric that are never quite big enough to do anything with I figured it would be a good way of getting rid of some scraps!

Jersey yarn itself is pretty new to me. I’d made a bit before when I tried out arm knitting, but I’d not used it for regular knitting. I loved the idea of it- that whole repurposing leftover knit fabric and making use of something that may otherwise have been thrown away.

I ended up using my grey jersey that I’d used to make this dress. I’m not super fond of making lots of clothes out of the same fabric since I tend to get sick of looking at the same thing over and over. I thought this would be a good way to use what I had left and also to make a matching clutch bag for wherever I end up wearing that dress to…

I got the frame for the clutch first. I bought a 9″ flex frame off Amazon so that determined the width of the bag. The yarn I made by cutting the fabric into roughly a 1″ strip. I made it a connecting strip by cutting almost too the end and then starting the next strip. Kind of a zig zag pattern. I prefer this method to the one where you basically cut a giant spiral which I’d used when I tried out arm knitting.

I knitted 4 rows in stockingnette stitch followed by a basket weave pattern that would be the main body of the bag and ended with another 4 rows of stockingnette.

I put an iron on interfacing on the inside of the knitted rectangle before sewing up the edges to make sure it wouldn’t stretch out when I used it.

Getting the flex clasp in was a bit of a challenge. I’ve never used one so it took a bit of messing about with it to figure out the best way to place it. In the end I followed the video tutorial from Wool and the Gang where they turn over the opening edge over the clasp (whilst open) and sewed it down.

This is the final result!

      I’m wondering whether to add a handle or not. Maybe a removable one for versatility. I think it’ll look good with some metal hardware!

So now I’ve got a matching bag to go with my long grey dress. Hopefully it won’t look too matchy-matchy…


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  1. Oh wow!!! Love, love it😍

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