Grey jersey maxi dress 

This was the first project sewn using my new sewing machines!

I picked up some grey jersey fabric from Walthamstow market with the intention to create a full length backless origami pleated dress. I’m planning to wear it to a wedding later this year and thought this gave a good mix of demure for the church (with a jacket or cardigan over the top) and sexy for the reception after. Literally the mullet of the fashion world…

I drafted a pattern for an asymmetric pleat to match up on the bodice and skirt pieces so that it’ll look like the pleats were fanning out from that one spot as well as the split in the skirt originating from the point. It was pretty straight forward to put together. Especially using my new overlocker! With a 4 thread stitch option, I could sew the seam and tidy the edge in one go as well as allowing for the stretch of the fabric.  It probably took less than an hour to sew (including putting in a zip). Considering I was completely winging it with the dart manipulation when drafting the pattern, it worked pretty well! I only needed to do a minor adjustment of the fit with the back pieces and that was probably due to the open back design.

Here’s the finished product!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. amoafoa says:

    it’s very lovely

  2. roseradtke says:

    This is so beautiful! Would you ever consider selling your pattern? I would absolutely love to make one. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

    1. Emmy says:

      Aww thanks! I’ve no idea how to go about selling these patterns. They’re def not professional quality yet! That being said if you’re really keen I can go through how to draft your own or make you a copy of mine and post it – it’s only the one size I’m afraid though!

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