Making a himmeli inspired hanging shelf

Geometric homeware items are my poison. Show me anything with a few triangles, straight lines and angles and I’m a goner. I always pick out those wire lampshades, ornaments, baskets showing off big bold lines and shapes.

So when I came across this tutorial, showing off DIY himmeli inspired homeware I couldn’t help myself! It’s such a clever use of materials to easily create striking design.

For this DIY, I wanted to make a hanging diamond shape pendant to fit a small plate at the base. This was going to be a housewarming gift (one of many!) for Cat as my place is already overloaded with too much furniture…

I planned ahead and made all my designs and calculations before I bought any materials. (Pythagoras’ Theorem really came in handy! Who knew?).

I bought 8 x 30cm long 4mm diameter brass tubes from eBay and used some string I had lying about. I also got some wire ready, pipe cutters, scissors and I planned to make the shelf/plate out of polymer clay.

4 of the rods I left at full length (30cm). 2 were cut exactly in half (15cm). 2 were cut into 4 lengths of 12cm.

The 4 shortest tubes were to make up the initial X at the base, the next longest to join those into a square and the last set of tubes to finish up the long point. The double strands of string through the tubes helps hold everything rigid by putting some tension on the structure.


I made the frame big enough to fit a standard 21cm side plate. I tried to make a plate myself out of Premo Sculpey clay but it came out terribly (kind of weird floppy) so I scrapped that and bought one for 80p from IKEA…

Here’s the finished product…

    Just big enough for a pair of glasses and some jewellery!

I’m sure you can use this technique for lots more and far more interesting things than this but this is an easy starter project!


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