My new sewing machines: Bernina 330 machine and 800DL overlocker

The second bedroom has officially become the Hobby Hub in my new place where I’ve created a space dedicated to all things crafting, sewing and DIY with plenty of room for a big cutting table, sewing table, storage, a giant blackboard wall and magnetic rabbit mood board.

The only thing I lacked was an actual sewing machine…

Since I had always used my mum’s machines, I’d never bothered getting my own but I needed to invest in one now. After much research (and from my own experience), I decided to buy a Bernina machine and overlocker. My mum has a Bernina Activa 240 which is a great machine and practically runs like it’s brand new despite the fact it’s had constant use (and abuse) for almost 10 years. And pretty much all the sewing machine reviews I read online indicated Bernina was one of the best brands for a durable, quality machine.

Budget-wise they’re not the friendliest though. I chose the 330 model which is the most basic of the 3 series as I didn’t feel I needed the fancier stitches that came with the upgraded models (and couldn’t afford much more!). When it came down to it as long as the machine did the basics well I wasn’t super fussed about the extra decorative stitches. (I may regret this later though!).

I was a bit silly/ lazy and didn’t actually go to a store to test the machine out before buying. Not really an advisable move but I didn’t have the time/ patience/ energy to go to my nearest Bernina stockist to try it out. For some reason no one within a 40 minute drive of my house has them… I ended up buying both the 330 sewing machine and the 800DL overlocker from Jaycotts, an online supplier. They had an offer on the overlocker at the time and one of the better prices for the 330 around. Plus, they have free super quick delivery for their machines. (Their Vogue sewing patterns were also on sale so I caved and bought a few new patterns, a big box of Gütermann thread and other haberdashery goodies).

So within 48 hours of me placing the order, two beautiful Bernina boxes arrived at home.


Exciting times!


Unpacked and ready to sew!
I did some small test swatches and made sure everything was running properly before starting my first sewing project which I’ll be updating you on shortly!

I am majorly in love with my overlocker. It’s been years since I’ve had a working machine (sorry mum!) and it was a dream to thread and use. The sewing machine runs almost identically to the Activa 240 I’d been using which meant a zero learning curve.

So far, so good! There are still a ton of projects I’m planning on getting through involving lots of difficult fabrics and techniques so we’ll have to wait and see how they hold up in the future!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful machines! They look like they will be a dream to use.

    1. Emmy says:

      Thanks! They’ve been great so far!

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