IKEA BEKVÄM spice rack hack

The BEKVÄM spice rack always catches my eye when I’m wandering around the IKEA showroom. Mostly because of its price… It’s only £3. My only issue was that I had nowhere to put one! My pegboard in the kitchen encompasses the entire spare wall and covers all my storage needs. So where to put it?

I ended up getting two of the racks with the aim of hanging them on top of each other to use as a letter/ key/ umbrella shelf in the hallway. (Thanks for the idea Cat!).

They’re solid wood and feel pretty sturdy once put together. I decided to paint mine white and planned to make the bar across another colour as an accent. Which sounds like a good idea until I decided to use fancy metallic paint that came out all streaky and even after 4 coats didn’t look quite right… (That’s the first and last time I try copper paint!).

I ended up sticking with it anyway- mostly because I just got so fed up repainting the same thing over and over and over and over- and stuck some stripey washi tape over it. (Washi tape- one of life’s great inventions!). It looked OK-ish after that.

I drilled some holes through one of the racks and partway through the second making sure they lined up at the edges. I then screwed them together making sure to use screws slightly shorter than the width of the 2 planks I was joining. That way the screws would only be visible from one side.

And with a couple of holes in the wall under my fancy hallway mirror, voilà! A spice rack hack! Perfect for those keys, letters, brollies and those odds and ends you always seem to lose…




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