Mini Windowsill Garden


What do you do when you want a garden but you don’t have any outdoor space? Quite the dilemma. Lack of outdoor space has never really been a problem for me before- I wasn’t the most green fingered person- but somewhere along the lines, I’d gotten a sudden urge to grow things! (It must be a sign I’m getting old!).

My living room seemed the best place to keep some plants as the two windows have quite deep sills and they faced the sun (somewhat). 

The window with less direct sun has become dedicated to my mini orchid garden. I went a bit wild in the Ikea gardening department and bought a mix of white and purple orchids, faux grasses and pots. I figured the fake grasses helped to balance out the flowers without me having to worry about them dying… (I’d never said I had become good at growing plants…)

The other windowsill (the one with better light) has become my herb garden! How successful this is going to be is still up for debate but so far I’ve started growing basil, sage, parsley, chives, chillis and tomatoes from seed. I’ve got some shoots of each growing up already so we’ll have to wait and see if I can keep them alive long enough for them to bear fruit…

My sister’s started growing some herbs and veg on her windowsills too.



For some reason her veg is doing better than mine but my herbs are doing better than hers… So weird. You can see the plant markers I made for her in those 2 pics. One of her many house warming presents! Those were made out of strips of polymer clay onto which I stamped the names of the plants then baked. Afterwards I painted over the words, let it dry then sanded back the painted areas so the gold paint just sits in the letter indents.

It’s a really cute and quirky gift idea if anyone is looking for one! Easy to personalise and quick to do. The best type of project!


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