View from the top: Visiting the Sky Garden

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been watching one of the newest London skyscrapers rise up on the skyline just north of London Bridge. I loved the weird top heavy design- ultra modern amidst a sea of historic buildings. 

The Sky Garden opened to the public in January this year and hosts 2 restaurants and a café/ bar with spectacular views over London. Entrance is ticketed so if you aren’t planning to eat at either of the restaurants you need to book these in advance. Luckily though, these are free! 

From the balcony you can see right into The Shard- another building with a viewing gallery. Though taller, it has a steep pricetag of £24.99 to go up there so it may no longer feel worth it in comparison…

The gardens themselves show a wide variety of plants- what they are I have no clue! It does look a little plain at present but I think given time this’ll improve as the gardens grow.

We stopped for mid morning tea at the cafe. The food and drinks were surprisingly good and reasonably priced. The wait staff at the bar seems to be sponsored by Ray-Ban as they were all wearing their sunglasses to keep the glare out!

This will definitely be my new go to place to take any visitors to London! 

            If it wasn’t a bit misty that morning, you’d have been able to see right into my old flat in that last photo! 


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