DIY Door Mat

I love a whimsical doormat. And now that I have a front door (albeit not directly to the outside) what better excuse to get one! Unfortunately finding one I wanted was a little tougher than I thought! I think Pinterest ruined them all for me because everyone else seemed to have nicer ones than I could find!

So that’s when the DIY thinking cap went on for the best way to do my own. I’d decided on what I wanted- the ‘you are here’ with Google maps pin next to it (thanks whoever thought of that one!)- and picked up a cheap mat from B&Q for a fiver. 

Then came the difficult bit- making up a stencil and getting into place. These coir mats make for a very unstable surface to do basically anything on and I was all out of spray adhesive so I made do with A LOT of packing tape to hold it in place.

I went wild with some left over emulsion paint. I’m well aware it’s not going to last for this kind of purpose but I figured but the time the paint wears off I’ll probably fancy a change anyway…

It’ll do for now. 


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