Upcycling chairs

 Nice dining chairs are expensive! I spent hours on eBay trying and failing to win a number of dining chair sets- mostly Ercol ones- as well as regularly missing out on sets that came up on Freecycle and Freegle. (I always seem a little late to that party). I did manage to pick out an old set of school chairs on eBay however that just about fit the bill. They’re a bit damaged on some edges but for £29.99 for 4 chairs, I didn’t complain! I’d like to think it justs adds to its charm…

 So this is what the original chairs looked like:

Original state.

I gave them a good clean and sand all over before starting to do them up. I used Rustoleum’s Chalk Effect Furniture Paint in Winter Grey over the wooden seats and back rests.

Winter Grey

The chairs looked pretty good in the solid colour but I fancied doing something a little extra to them (partly to help disguise some of the damaged bits of the plywood…) so I decided to put a grid pattern over them. I placed masking tape over the grey paint to create an even grid and painted over them in a gloss white paint.

Painting the grid
The big reveal.

The metal legs were repainted in a Matt black paint and I put new plastic covers onto the end of each leg to help protect my floors. 

The design was easy to do and looked pretty effective, though the cheap masking tape I used wasn’t the best choice and it could probably have looked better!

Here’s what they look like in my flat…  

I’m loving the stark back curve of the metal frame on the back against the sharp grid lines!


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