Kitchen art/storage – An awesome solution

So my kitchen is tiny. Like super teeny tiny compared to what I’ve had before. The distinct lack of cupboard space has led to the one big question… ‘Where do I put all my s**t?’

The kitchen got the normal revamp of high gloss white cabinets and a solid oak worktop so what’s there looks great but you can’t magic extra cupboard space out of nothing. So then the brainwave hit- or rather, extensive searching in Pinterest- a pegboard wall!

It seemed a simple and perfect solution of where to hang all my pots and pans as well an opportunity to show off some art/ design skills until it actually came to getting all the materials together… As it turns out, pegboard or perforated hardboard as it’s sometimes called, is not as easily found in our DIY stores unlike our American counterparts. I had to get it off eBay in the end (from here) where they had some choice in thicknesses and size of boards. I went for the 6mm board rather than the 3.5mm ones as they’re stronger and I knew I’d be hanging some quite heavy pots on there. This seller also did the fittings I wanted too which was convenient.

I measured up and ended up going for as much coverage of my single bare wall as possible without needing to get any pieces specially cut. It worked out best to get 3 pieces of 120cm x 60cm board, making a 180cm x 120cm finished piece. The three pieces got primed on both sides as soon as I got them and ready for the fun part- the arty painting bit!

My kitchen has a major triangle theme through it- my floor is covered in this and I even have a tea towel covered in triangles too- so I figured I’d carry it through and go for some geometric triangular art over the board too. A lucky visit to Wickes found me lots of cheap paint tester samples (they were only 5p each!) so I had some fab colours to work with. I figured the wall emulsion should work pretty well with what I’d planned to do.

After lots of trial designs I finally settled on one!

Here it is from sketch to final version:

Pegboard design (yes I have just realised I forgot to do one purple bit…)

I bought expensive masking tape (I got Frogtape) to ensure the edges were as crisp as possible. It (annoyingly) really did make a difference compared to the masking tape I usually use. The coloured paint was applied with a mini foam roller with a new roller for each colour- yes it feels like a totally waste but these cheap foam rollers don’t clean up well and they even start falling apart if you use them for too long.

The three boards were mounted onto a wooden frame which I’d secured to the wall (with about a thousand screws…) so the boards stand about 2cm from the wall. This gives enough space to get the hooks into the board. It was a bit tricky getting them to match up exactly but I think I got it just about right- just don’t look too closely…

I got a multitude of hooks and stuff that are designed for specifically for pegboard. They’re pretty much the same as shop fittings and the like. I used a few different types as well as some S hooks to hang up all my pots, pans, ladles and the like. The whole thing including the fittings cost me just under £100.

Here’s what it looks like in use:

All hung up!

Red retro clock and my pancake pan. Ready for pancake day!

There’s even space for my baking paper!

I am totally crazy about it to be honest. I think it’s my favourite thing in this whole flat. A great combination of art and function!

I’d definitely recommend it if you’re thinking about it!



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  1. Jana says:

    Very nice idea! Great job!!! 🙂 Best wishes from Toronto, Jana

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