Caught in the hype – Alexander Wang x H&M

I can’t help it. Every year’s the same. A new designer collaborates with H&M and all rational thought goes out of the window…

I didn’t think I even liked the collection that much but that didn’t matter as I spent an hour and a half frantically clicking refresh this morning in order to get my mitts on some Wang. (At least I didn’t get up at 5am in order to get to a store like the Versace year…).

After all that, all I managed to snag was a couple of “This is an Alexander Wang tank top” vests and a sports bra. Not my finest haul.

Pretty much everything is gone now though there’s still a couple of things in tiny or huge sizes. Check it out here if you want to try your luck! Or if you’re a little too late but still desperate, there’s plenty on eBay!

And was it worth it? Probably not. Practically everything’s made of neoprene and I just don’t think that scuba style suits me somehow. We’ll see when my goods arrive in a few days!


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