So from all the fabric I bought abroad I clearly had a favourite- a purple digital print that I got in two shades, 2 yards of each from a shop in Bangkok, Thailand. It had the perfect weight for a nicely draped dress. Or in my case a couple of perfectly weighted t-shirt dresses. And as a plus the smooth synthetic fabric barely crinkled, great for my lack of ironing skills…

The two t-shirt dresses have the same body shape though slightly different hemlines and sleeves. The sport themed one on the left has raglan sleeves and a straight hem. I had to draw up a pattern for the raglan from scratch which was mildly confusing. I’m definitely going to be keeping a copy of it so I don’t have to muddle my way through it again! The other dress has simpler inset sleeves and a hem that dips a little at the front and back. Both have exposed zips in the back (so I can fit my big head through…).

I caved to that American sport trend that seems to not be leaving and added the college style numbers and stripes on the sleeve. I used this dress to make a guide on Guidecentral so check it out here if you want to make your own!

T-shirt dress heaven!
Easy maxi dress
The maxi dress is not my favourite design of all time. That’s what happens when you’re rushing to make something to wear for an event… I’ll probably cut it up again later and reuse the fabric…


Fabric- 140THB per yard (less than £3/ yard), 4 yards used



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  1. leonie klara says:

    Love your maxi dress – you look adorable! xxx

    for more Fashion & Inspiration head over to my blog

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