Halloween – 2.8 Hours Later

Cue spooky music…

Now I’m not usually one for horror (I’m the one cowering behind a pillow if something vaguely scary comes on the telly) but this year I made an exception.

In the spirit of the season, I booked on to 2.8 Hours Later- the name came after the 28 Days Later franchise-, an immersive post apocalyptic zombie chase game… Sounds totally nuts right? And it was.

I first saw it on the local news of all things a couple of years ago and after repeatedly forgetting about it until after all the tickets had sold out, I’d finally managed to snag a couple in time this year.

The concept’s pretty simple- you’re in a world where zombies have taken over and destroyed civilisation as we know it. You and your safe haven are running out of water and your team needs to go on a mission to get some more. The one sticking point- the ‘infected’ are everywhere and out to get you! In other words, you’re in an elaborate game of tag set over a large industrial estate. You run, the zombies chase you, if they catch you you have to stop and they mark (infect) you with UV marker pen… When you manage to get back to base camp, you get scanned for infection and if you’ve got the zombie bug you get zombiefied by some lovely make-up artists before heading to the zombie disco… Simples.

The zombies are scary. Like really authentic, wet-your-pants scary. The gore, the scary contact lenses and the groaning and moaning. That’s the result of zombie school (a real thing these extras/ actors have to do). You can hear from waaaay down the street… Creepy. And they’re fast!

He’s coming to get you!

The scariest thing of all? My complete and utter lack of fitness. There was a lot of running. A lot. And I really could not keep up! Guess who was the first to get caught? Me!

Just goes to show that if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse I’d definitely be the first to be zombie food…

We had to go home on the tube like this…

On a side note, here’s some fancy pumpkins carving that Cat got up to!

Scary pumpkin faces!



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