Sailing Phuket to Koh Phi Phi with Intrepid

From Hong Kong to Thailand, the next stage of our trip promised to be all sun, sea and sand!

One of Cat’s friends joined us in Thailand for a week. In order to let her see as much as possible during her short stay we decided to spend a couple days in Bangkok and the rest on a sailing trip to some islands. We found a tour that went from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi with Intrepid which was the only trip we found that fitted with our schedule. There weren’t many tours as it was the end of the sailing season- they don’t go during the wet season- so our choices were limited. 

We flew Air Asia to Phuket and caught a taxi to the meeting point on the other side of the island where we were met by our guide and skipper for the next few days, Phil. There were 8 of us in total for this trip (the maximum that fits in the boat) and we were quickly bundled into a tiny dinghy to take us to the yacht. 

The yacht was nice enough but in my opinion too small for the number of people on board- one of the crew slept out on the deck on in the communal lounge area. The cabin Cat and I shared was barely big enough to fit the two of us let alone our luggage- we had to put the luggage on our beds and sleep with our feet on them in order to be able to open the door and get in and out. I think the engine was under our bunks as the crew kept going in and out of the room. Ventilation was poor to say the least. We melted anytime we went into the room!

On the yacht!

We set sail (woohoo!) and soon it was clear why it was the end of the sailing season… Dark storm clouds loomed on the horizon! We were in for a rainy few days!

Over the next few days we made a lot of stops, went into a lot of hongs (lagoons in the middle of the islands accessed by caves) and stopped at a couple of beaches. 

Cat and Gbemi in a hong

Overall I thought the trip was subpar. I expected more from the trip- more than just the dozens of mosquito bites I received. I felt the crew had a certain disregard for our safety when out in the water snorkelling and kayaking and such. I also don’t feel like they took us to particularly nice areas- like when they dumped on Railay Beach, Krabi for an afternoon. We had to wade through 50m of mud to get to the shore and were sorely disappointed at the end of it. 

Was it worth the money? I don’t know. We paid $660AUD each (we booked it whilst in Australia when it was on sale so it worked out a bit cheaper than UK prices) which included 3 nights accommodation, 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 2 dinners. Personally I think that if the guide/ skipper was less of a chauvinistic, racist pig of a man I’d have enjoyed it more. But he wasn’t. And I didn’t. Shame. 


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  1. asthaguptaa says:

    Hey, you’re in Koh Phi Phi! How is the weather there now? Soon it will be the monsoon season?

    1. Emmy says:

      Hi! I’ve already left Koh Phi Phi. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to stay longer. Although the weather in all South East Asia is much the same- hot, muggy and rain in the afternoons!

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