Jumping off the edge in Macau…

We scheduled in a day trip to Macau from Hong Kong for one reason only- to do the world’s highest bungy jump!

At 233m, the bungy jump of Macau tower is slightly daunting and made even worse by the thunderstorms on the day we went! From the ferry terminal, we hopped in a cab to Macau Tower, hoping to catch a glimpse of the building we’ll be throwing ourselves off on the way. Unfortunately rain clouds meant we couldn’t see the top! Nevertheless we were determined to go so we paid for our ticket up to the observation decks (around £10) and headed on up.

Warning: falling people

From the indoor observatory deck, there’s a viewing area to see people hurtling past the glass windows as well as a live video feed of the jumpers as they get ready to go. As you can imagine, we (and many other tourists) were glued to the screen! 

After that taster, we journeyed up a few more floors to the outdoor observatory where the AJ Hackett outfit was stationed. Here we paid up (with a 20% discount thanks to our previous canyon swing with the same company in New Zealand) and got kitted out, ready and waiting for our turn.

And wait we did. Whilst you can jump in the rain, you can’t jump if there’s a lightning storm. So at the first thunderclap, the whole thing shut down temporarily. We managed to watch a few jumpers before the storm came upon us so we caught the girl who made it to the platform but couldn’t jump (what a waste of money! No jump, no refund…) and the girl who the crew practically forced over the edge. Pretty funny stuff. 

We waited maybe a couple of hours before our turn came. By that point we’d lost a bit of the initial fear and enthusiasm, eager now just to have it over and done with! 

All that excitement came rushing back when I stepped onto the platform (I went first) and the crew are strapping your feet into the harnesses. Peering over the edge for the first time and seeing the clouds moving beneath you was pretty special. Then it was all smiles for the cameras before the 5-4-3-2-1 and JUMP!

It’s an exhilarating few seconds, hurtling towards the ground before being caught by the bungy rope. It all passed by in a blur. Before I knew it, I was at the blow up mat at the base waving one last time to the camera!

I’d like to think I fell quite gracefully, I have a few videos and pics to corroborate my story. The yelp I let out instead of a proper scream means those videos are going to be shown in mute though…

Post bungy jump!

To celebrate we went to the Venetian casino/ hotel, the world’s biggest casino (clearly we don’t do things by half), where our attempts to gamble went awry (they only take HK dollars) and we stuffed our faces with Portuguese egg tarts!

All in all, a pretty successful day out. Didn’t get to see much of Macau, so I’ll have to come back again someday but it wouldn’t be a waste- we get discounts off any future bungy jumps there!


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