My list of random South America travel tips

Here are a few dos and don’ts that I’ve picked up from my two months travelling in South America:


DON’T use Pachamama by bus. Use public transport in Chile. It’s cheap and easy!

DO learn some Spanish. The locals will appreciate it even if it’s really basic.

DON’T expect Chileans to understand English. According to a Chilean English teacher, they are not good at it…

DO expect all weather conditions. Snow, rain, wind, sun- pack your factor 50 next to your winter coat!

DON’T be blonde in Brazil! Unless you want to be seriously mauled.

DO eat as much steak as possible in Argentina. It’ll never be as good or cheap again.

DON’T expect Portugese to be similar to Spanish. It’s not. Like really really not.

DO sleep all day and party all night in Brazil. It’s too hot to do anything else.

DON’T go on a mototaxi in Salvador. You might die. 

DO stuff your face with empanadas (or salteñas) in Argentina. Everyone will say their country has the best ones but these really are.

DON’T be late for buses in Argentina. They will not wait for you. And may even leave early…

DO try the volcano soup in Bolivia. But only get a small bowl.

DON’T be stupid cycling down Death Road. It’s called Death Road for a reason. 

DO free walking tours. They’re funny, free and available in most major cities.

DON’T deal drugs. Remember you have to pay rent in prison in Bolivia. 

DO learn the dance routines and words to Brazilian carnival songs. You’ll feel really left out otherwise.

DON’T forget that Brazil has recessed plugs! If you need an adaptor go to Lojas Americanas to pick one up!

DO make friends with people from your hostel to party with/ act as bodyguards during carnival. Ex-military is preferable. 

DON’T trust taxi drivers. Check the notes you give them so they don’t pull a fast one on you!

DO shine bright like a diamond. 


Hopefully some of these tips may help you out if you are travelling in South America! If not, they’ll at least served as a reminder for me…



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Daisy Prado says:

    Loved the list! I haven’t gone anywhere in South America yet but I definitely plan to. 🙂 I feel that the taxi tip is for anywhere that you are a tourist; definitely got ripped off twice by taxi drivers in NYC… lol
    Happy Travels,

    1. Emmy says:

      Thanks! We just happened to meet lots of people who had trouble in Argentina! Though you’re right- it’s definitely a problem everywhere! We’ve been so lucky not to have had any trouble so far! X

  2. tropicalsmog says:

    I would suggest to get an adaptor before coming to Brazil, otherwise you’ll end up paying at least 2x the price!

    1. Emmy says:

      Definitely! Unfortunately the ones for recessed sockets are a bit hard to find in the UK! You can get ones in Brazil for around $6 reais at Lojas Americanas so at least it’s not breaking the banking…

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