Getting drenched at Iguazú

Two nights and 48 hours were all we had in Puerto Iguazú. And frankly, we could and probably should have made better use of our time here. 

We stayed at the Boutique Hotel de la Fonte. It was a seriously nice hotel. The rooms are all in these little bungalows and spread out through the small complex. Ours even had a hammock out on the little patio which overlooked the pond, swimming pool and two jacuzzis… As I said, seriously nice hotel. The mosquitoes, however, we’re not so nice. I was lucky and managed to escape with just a couple of bites. Cat managed to get lots more!

We hadn’t realised until we got to Iguazú that it was the last night of the full moon and that they had guided moon tours in the evening! We made a last ditched attempt to get tickets but no such luck unfortunately. But never mind, we planned a full day at the Argentinian side of the falls the next day.

Breakfast at the hotel was spectacular- not necessarily in terms of the quantity or quality but in presentation! It came out on a huge platters shaped like yin and yang signs in contrasting light and dark wood designed to fit together when two people are eating. It was pretty special.

Fancy breakfast for two

We organised a transfer to the falls through the hotel. We weren’t brave enough to try to take the public bus! Cost-wise if there were four in a car, the price is the same (either $35 pesos pp for the bus or $140 for a car each way). We ended up sharing our cab with a Swiss chap Miguel who had the same plans as us. Miguel turned out to be one of the most entertaining people we’d met and both him and another girl Joanna stayed with us for the rest of the day. Entry into the park was $170 pesos. The queues were pretty long but for some reason our taxi driver was able to march up to the front of the queue and secured our tickets without having to wait… 

Our first view of the falls was to be via boat! It’s expensive- $480 pesos for the “passeporte verde” which includes a short 4×4 ride through the jungle, the boat ride into the falls and an eco boat ride. 

First glimpse from the boat!

Getting up close and personal with the falls…

I think the boat ride into the falls was worth it. (It was definitely not worth doing the extra eco boat tour though for the extra $50 pesos.) You do get completely and utterly soaked through on the boat ride. At one point a huge wave crashed over the side of the boat which nearly swept our belongings away! If I’d known just how wet we’d get, I’d have worn just a bikini for it- there were some other women that were! The tropical weather means a quick dry time in a bikini, less so when you’re wearing thick denim shorts!! Next time- function over fashion! I was damp for the whole day!

We did both the upper and lower trails in the park which take you past smaller waterfalls. The paths are well kept and demarcated in a kind of theme park way. We completed both quite quickly (walking at London pace!) but you could easily spend far longer. There’s lots of wildlife in the park to see as well- dozens of butterfly species, coatis (a kind of possum?), lizards and birds. If you’re really lucky, there are monkeys, jaguars and tapirs to see too! 

Later in the afternoon, at the recommendation of the hotel, we took the little train (definitely just like a theme park) up to the Devil’s Throat- essentially just the top of the falls. The views were undeniably spectacular.

Falling in style

We didn’t have time to go to the Brazilian side of the falls during our short stay. And everyone said the Argentinian side is much better and that we weren’t missing out so we didn’t feel too bad!




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