Getting frisky in the Galapagos

Apologies for the lack of update…

A few days ago we arrived back from our 8 day long cruise around the North and South Galapagos islands. And it was AMAZEBALLS…

We joined a G Adventures tour and met some wonderful (and some downright bizarre) people and saw some of the incredible flora and fauna that the Islands had to offer. Our first day saw us getting up close and personal swimming with sea lions and exposure to some X-rated giant tortoise loving…

Tortoise lovin’


Cat and a land iguana


The days were usually split up into two parts one session of walking the trails and one snorkelling. We were lucky and remembered to bring our underwater camera. The quality sucked but at least it showed proof of the marine turtles, hammerheads and rays we saw!

Apart from the fact that Cat has no sea legs and could barely stay upright, the boat was lovely. Definitely a reason to splash out a little more and get a bigger boat. (We were on a comfort tour- G offers YOLO/ basic, standard or comfort as different levels on their tours). The crew were awesome, the food amazing. Well at least to start with. Our first morning we had the yummiest French toast and then it was a slippery slope downhill after that… And there’s a seemingly constant supply of snacks, tea and coffee.

In terms of my wish list of animals to see on the islands, I actually think I saw them all! Giant tortoises, hammerhead sharks, turtles (and a ton of mating turtles), boobies, flamingoes, penguins, marine iguanas, countless fish. It was without a doubt an awesome experience made better by the people we were with. That’s one of the beauties of going with G on these tours- you’re guaranteed to meet interesting and like minded people all looking for a good time!


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