The world’ s most annoying Christmas fountain

So for the past few nights here in Quito, there has been very loud cheesy Christmas music coming from somewhere outside our hostel. And it lasts for absolutely ages.

Well, we finally found out what it was. Around the corner from Hostel Revolution, in Parque Alameda they have a Christmas themed music, lights and fountain show…

It was actually quite pretty to watch. The lights and sprays of water were well timed and such. There was, however, a bit of an odd moment when suddenly they started projecting a video of a donkey trundling along in the middle of the biggest fountain spray. With no context whatsoever. I thought they were showing a clip from Shrek! On later reflection, I did realise it was most likely a Jesus, Mary and Joseph related thing but it was a weird moment nonetheless.

So that’s that mystery solved! (Marpled!)

Today also saw the last of our three day run of Spanish classes withy lovely Narcisa from the Yanampuma Spanish school. I have to say we’re both majorly relieved they were over. Not because the lessons were bad- more just because we were rubbish! Saying that, I think we did learn a lot (though definitely not enough…). Plus our teacher took the liberty of taking us around Quito so we got a free guided tour by a local- even if it was all in Spanish and we could only understand parts of what she said- and practiced speaking in real life situations! Narcisa also took us out to try the local cuisine- some of which we liked (like the pan de yuca and empanadas) and some not so much (ponche and humitas, I’m talking bout you…). 

Tomorrow we’re checking out of this hostel and into the Hilton. 

Much more my style…


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