Chicken gloves?

First day in Quito and so far so good.

We had an early start for our Spanish lessons which are tough for us to say the least. Cat and I are definitely not natural linguists! So after 3 hours of torturous ramblings, pretending we could understand what our tutor was saying we managed to escape back to the hostel and promptly fell asleep. 

Hostel Revolution is very much a cheap backpackers paradise. Good location to the old town, clean and comfortable and free tea and coffee! The room we have is a little noisy as it faces a busy street but it’s a small price to pay for a good sized twin room. Plus we’re used to London traffic so we can sleep through anything…

Exhausted as we were, we went out for an early bird dinner and found a nice looking fast food restaurant. It was all like normal until after we ordered the waiter squirted alcohol rub on our hands and then delivered our condiments and utensils with a little something extra:

Can you spot it?

Yep, there in the middle are a pair of disposable gloves- just like the kind you get in a home hair dye kit (which we’d know about because we are home hair dye experts by this point)- for Cat to eat her dinner with… It was a bizarre moment to say the least. I have to say my meal luckily came with a fork and knife!

Chicken gloves!

I guess they don’t approve of the finger lickin’ goodness of eating with your bare hands…


Mañana, nosotros vamos visitar un mercado. I learnt that today. 



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