Up, Up and away!

So after spending the last few weeks frantically sewing and even more frantically packing and re-packing, it’s finally happened. I have embarked on my six month adventure around the world!

We have spent the last 31 hours getting to our first destination… Quito, Ecuador! All in all, it ended up being a reasonably ordinary journey barring a very scary moment when a lady with a very loud chihuahua in tow sat down next to us at the start of an 11 hour flight (I didn’t even know you bring dogs into the cabin!). Luckily for us she got moved to a slightly less crowded section of the plane so Cat and I had an extra seat to spread out onto.

A long 10 hour layover in Buenos Aires meant figuring out how to get free wifi from a nearby cafe to stream a movie and discreet napping in the passenger lounge. It’s actually pretty nice there- not a bad airport to get stuck in for a while!

The plane to Quito seemed like a school bus- packed to the brim with young kids (I say kids but they’re probably late teens) all going on their summer holidays. I’d completely forgotten that it’s that time of year for them here!

Tomorrow sees the start of 10 hours of Spanish lessons, an unfortunate necessity since my Spanish skills are pretty much non existent… 

But for now I am tucked into bed at our hostel in Quito ready to go to Bedfordshire. 


Wishing everyone a happy 2014! Mine’s off to a great start!


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