When do leather shorts = cocktail dress?

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties and social events worldwide and my little world is no exception. I have one fancy-schmancy do coming up this weekend which of course means one thing… New party dress!

I’ve been lucky enough to have gone to a few balls in the last few years and the evening/ cocktail dresses are starting to pile up and kinda starting to all look the same… So this time I’ve gone for something a bit out there (and possibly totally inappropriate for the occasion) and made separates in the form of high waist faux leather black shorts, corselet and a lace tee over the top.

Shorts from the front…


Shorts from the back…




Lace t-shirt

And all together it looks a little something like this…


The shorts I’ve made here are faux leather (leatherette) and I’ve derived the pattern from one given to me by my lingerie course teacher a year ago, adding the box pleat, waistband and adjusting the flare, hem and sizing. I love the exposed metal zip with these shorts. The corset I actually made in February this year after I completed a weekend corset making course at Morley College in Lambeth. Again I adjusted the pattern (shortened it) from the original but the fit is so good because I had the original pattern drafted and fitted in class. Probably not something I’d be able to achieve on my own as you really do need a second pair of hands to winch you in… The lace tee is something I love. I stumbled across this beautiful lace in what seemed to be a pop up discount fabric store on Walthamstow High Street. I managed to snag the rest of the roll so this is the first of probably a fair few projects using it.

Now I think this outfit is totally comparable to any cocktail/ party dress out there! (Plus there’s no chance of flashing anyone by accident if the party gets a bit rowdy… Hence the beauty of shorts!)


Fabric: faux leather, (can’t remember price!), Rolls ‘n’ Rems; black lace £2/m, 1 used.

Closures: metal zip, 50p

(Corset: black satin, fusible interlining, lining fabric, rigilene, bias binding, hook and eye tape)


One Comment Add yours

  1. Cat says:

    Awesome! Whole outfit looks super chic and I love the lace tee! I want one!!!

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