Man sized onesie?

So what do you get your dad for his 61st birthday? After much um-ing and ah-ing, I left it up to the man himself and he decided upon a onesie… Yup, that’s right! An all-in-one man sized babygro. I think after seeing my sisters and I in ours (I’d made us all animal themed ones last winter) he was a little jealous of how warm and snuggly we were through the typically cold British winter!

I got to drafting a pattern. I have never made anything for men before so I needed to figure out proportions and stuff and voilà!

Man sized onesie…
I honestly thought he requested it as a joke and that it would be left lingering at the back of his wardrobe but he’s actually worn it! It fits pretty well too! I’m rather pleased with it myself. I used an old piece of polar fleece I already had. It was a bit of a struggle to fit the pattern on it because I was limited to that 2m piece of fabric and as you can probably see I wasn’t able to match the checks. The hood and a stripe at the top of the shoulder was made in a thick black jersey I had left over from another project. I had a moment of despair with the zip though. I bought a length of zip and pulls from an upholstery shop- I needed one much longer than I could find pre-made. I’d never used one like it before and OMG the trouble I had putting the pull on it! But it all working out in the end 🙂


Fabric: Polar fleece, £4.99/m; 2 used, (I’d advised getting a metre or so more if you want to match the checked pattern)

Closures: Zip, 50p/m; pack of 10 zip pulls, £1.99, Dunelm Mill.


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