Early packing anxiety…

In just over two months time, I’ll be hopping on a plane to Argentine to start the biggest adventure of my life so far. And with all that excitement, planning, decisions to be made, my biggest worry? Will there be enough space in my suitcase for all my shoes…

I’ve gotten myself a handy new convertible backpack- the Osprey Sojourn 60 if anyone’s wondering- and it looks small… Much too small to pack enough stuff to last me six months! So I’ve been writing and rewriting lists of stuff I need to take with me. Just the necessities of course! On a good day, when I’m feeling particularly frugal, that list goes way down, but then it’ll slowly creep back up again when I realise I definitely can’t live without that sweater, and that dress and that other dress… I’ve even got a list of stuff I want to make specifically for the trip!


A long black maxi skirt

White lace shorts

Some tees!

A little black smart-casual suits-all-occasions dress

Now it’s just about finding time to make them. And then finding enough space to stuff them into my luggage…

Wish me luck!


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