Chequered flag? Nope, just my new sweater…

On my most recent stroll through Walthamstow market with my sister, we came across a pop up shop of sorts selling fabric on the roll dirt cheap. Prices ranged from 50p per meter to £3-4 and there was masses of variety. There was a frenzy of home sewers going wild that day!

In our mad dash to get something good, we dove straight in and zeroed in on a few goodies one of which was a medium weight checked/ houndstooth knitted fabric which was perfect for an autumn sweater.

I went for a dolman sleeve in the end. I figured it was probably the easiest and risk free design I could do and since I like my jumpers oversized and loose it works pretty well. Plus, I really didn’t want the hassle of setting sleeves. The reverse of this fabric also looked really cool so I’ve actually made it reversible. On the wrong side, the seams were sewn flat to one side and the top arm seam was covered with a stripe of black jersey.

I think the pattern is quite in keeping with a lot of this winter’s sweaters. I’ve seen a lot of monochrome and plaid/ chequered out there so I’ll be right on trend!





Fabric: £2/m, 1used

Total cost: £2(!)


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