Seeing spots?

I caved to social (fashion?) pressure and went for the big spotted black and white print. A fun take on monochrome in a way. It’s a little late in the season but here nonetheless (it was still hot and sunny when I designed and made it!). Who knows, next thing I pick might vertical black and white stripes… It really goes to show how easily we can be influenced by what we see around us.

So with this fabric (a fun and in your face printed jersey), I’ve made a tulip skirted wrap dress. It looked far more casual in my head but came out as something I’d wear to, say, Ascot Ladies’ day with an outrageous headpiece or a miniature top hat. Needless to say I’ve not quite managed to find an occasion to wear it out…

(Gathers at the hips and thick black elastic to nip in the waist)



Fabric: £3.50/metre,, 2 metres used.

Trim: 1″ wide black elastic, 1 metre, 20p, Walthamstow market; hook and eye closures.

The piece of the fabric I received had some damage- it looked like a misprint or like the image had run slightly at the edges. They did send me a second replacement piece when  I notified the seller but this also had a similar problem. I don’t know if it’s just the bit of the roll I got that has been affected but be warned that this fabric appears to be seconds! I was lucky that with both pieces I could place my pattern pieces well and avoid most of the problem but if you required larger pieces, then you’d be in trouble.


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  1. Bhavika says:

    You made that?! It looks SO pretty! You are very good at making clothes because that is something I’d wear without a shadow of doubt!

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