Jersey girl

Not a reference to the movie…

Jersey is easily one of my favourite fabrics to work with. It’s one of those a-pain-to-start-off-with-but-now-can’t-live-without types… Most of all I love how forgiving jersey can be. Plus I love the fact that I can be lazy and not finish my edges properly and I won’t hate myself afterwards.

So here are a few things I made recently.


(Little black dress. It was long initially but I had a little accident with the hem so up it went!)


(This print looks so Missoni, I fell for it immediately.)


(Standard maxi dress but finally one that’s the right length for a short girl!)

The middle photo is of a dress made from a pattern from Drape Drape. Now I don’t own a lot of sewing books. I use my mum’s bible (Patternmaking for Fashion Design- an old edition at that!) and that’s usually it but when I saw the Drape Drape books in an art store in Covent Garden, I thought, this is a book worth getting! It’s a translation from a Japanese author. All the patterns for the designs in the book are included so I feel it’s quite good value for money. Enough that I also bought the 2 sequels. I have to say that I don’t love everything in the books. The instructions are tricky, the patterns are mightily confusing and some outfits are just plain weird but it all just reeks of Japanese cool...


Fabric: Black jersey, £3.50/ metre; grey marl jersey, £3.99/ metre, both from; printed jersey, £2/metre, Lewisham market.

Closures: none used.


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