Summer? What summer?

Inspired by the lovely sunshine we’ve had this summer, I managed to whip up a few sundresses this year.

During a little trip to Bristol a couple of months, ago I managed to lay my hands on some pretty cottons, perfect for summer dresses. And of course as soon as I get my hands on new fabric, all other plans go out of the window and all those half done projects get pushed to the side! Besides, I got a bit stuck on my other projects i.e. JEANS! (It’s actually not coming along too badly- I’ve fitted them but I hate the denim I bought so I’m waiting to find something better before I make them for real…).

I got 4 different fabrics from the Fabricland in Bristol and I planned to make 4 different styles.

Here are my first 3 that I made. (The last piece of fabric is sadly still untouched because I’ve been too lazy to buy a lining fabric!).


The black and white woven rope print gave a more interesting take on monochrome. This dress has in built cups and a fully boned bodice all of which were drafted from scratch

DSCF2335 DSCF2336

I’m not quite sure where this dress came from. On reflection (or rather, my reflection in the mirror), it looks fit for an Alice in Wonderland themed party…


Feeling the scallops with this shirt dress. They’re on the hem and the collar edge.


Now this shirt dress shows my FIRST ever two piece collar that I’ve made. That’s both the first time I’ve sewn one and the first one I’ve drafted! Quite proud of the outcome!

You’ll probably note that I haven’t quite gotten round to putting the buttons onto the last dress there. I do have them. I’ve even marked out where they need to go. I just can’t quite bring myself to do it for some reason… Who knows why? I certainly don’t. Too easily distracted I suppose (*glum shrug*)…


Fabric: Purple print cotton, £3.49/ metre, 2m used; blue chambray, £4.99/metre, 2 used; black and white cotton print, £4.99/metre, 2 used. All from Fabricland.

Closures: Buttons 20 for £1 ; metal zip x 2, 60p, Walthamstow market.

Other: Rigilene boning, £1; bias binding, 60p; bra wires, recycled from an old bra…


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