Quicker knitter

I found out I can knit pretty quickly when I put my mind to it, or at least for as long as my attention holds. I’ve knitted two jumpers already- they took 2 weeks each- and I’ve got a couple that are part way through. (Though I’m not sure that those will ever be finished considering that they have been hidden away in a bag of unfinished projects for the past few months!)

Here are the jumpers I’ve knitted so far…


They’re coming along alright I think. The pattern (or rather, formula) needs tweaking a bit still. I have a problem with the arms mostly and I tend to make them too wide- but I’m getting there. I think I prefer to knit like this where you just judge for yourself how you want the sweater to fit and then make it to that size. You get far more creative input and control. Saying that, it’s also a lot more hassle than just following a pattern that someone else has tried and tested.

I’ve thought about “cutting and sewing” the areas which have come out too large but I’m afraid of ruining them completely if I just start hacking away at them! Even on the large side, they are wearable to some degree… If anyone has had experience doing this, I’ll be grateful for any advice! 🙂

All in all, I think I’ve got a bit more trial and error to go until I perfect these sweaters!


Sirdar Crofter Chunky wool (grey) x 8 balls: £16.50 inc p&p, eBay

Sirdar Click Chunky wool (green) x 10 balls: £12.95 inc p&p, eBay

(I didn’t use all the wool from each lot to complete these jumpers so exact cost would be a little less than stated.)


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