Knit, people, knit!

And yes, that title was from an episode of Gilmore Girls… Gold star to whoever got that right!

I’ve gone a bit eBay mad of late since discovering their knitting wool section. I thought I’d get started on a jumper or two (since it’ll probably take me ’til next winter to finish them). Plus at least I can take knitting with me so I can make the most of my commute! Plus, the jeans are a bit slow going so I need something else to take my mind off them! I think they’ll be put on the back burner for a (long) while…

So for my first jumper (ever), I’ve gone for Sirdar Crofter Chunky in shade 48… It’s meant to look like a Fair Isle pattern when it’s knitted up? I googled what it looks like. To me it just looks like a weird mottled stripy pattern but I quite like it. I’m also using bigger needles than  advised on the label. It indicates use with 6.5mm needles but I’m lazy and want to get it done faster so I’ve decided to use 10mm needles. I do realise that it’ll make the jumper more ‘holey’, but the swatch I did looks like it’ll work in a slouchy kind of way.

I’m following instructions from which are super simple to follow. You pretty much decide what size you want your jumper to  be around the middle and work out everything from there. There’s very few separate pieces needed and pretty much no seams. I’m going for an oversized sweater this time.

DSCF0718(Getting my knit on)

Now, let’s wait and see how long it actually takes to complete!


Wool: £16.50 for 8 50g balls.

I did have to buy new circular and double pointed needles (£5.50 from eBay) for this project but I figured that’s an investment right?


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