Will my bum look big in this?

I’ve finally made a start on a draft for a pair of jeans. I found these instructions after trawling through the internet and they looked reasonably straight forward to follow. Kind of.


(Lots of complicated lines and curves…)

I made some little alterations to where I took measurements because I want some mid rise skinny jeans and these were for a high rise pair but I have a feeling that I may have to do a fair bit of alteration to get it right still.

Saying that, they do kinda look the right size and shape when comparing them to jeans I have already so hopefully they won’t be too far off!

I’ve cut out the pieces for the toile but it’s already looking complicated- I’ve not done trousers properly before (only shorts and a couple of jersey pants) so construction is going to be tricky and most likely made up as I go along. If anyone has any hints to help me I’d be grateful!

I’ve ordered some denim already (I’m really getting ahead of myself :s ) so as soon as the pattern is worked out, I’ll be showcasing them here!


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