Sidetracked again

I think I must be getting weary of making my new wardrobe- I keep finding more interesting things to do!

Today, I spent a little bit of time today making a few wristband pin cushions. I got the idea from my sister for a birthday present for a friend. She’s just starting to learn how to sew and draft and I thought this would be the perfect gift! Luckily I picked up some elastic that would work perfectly for this mini project whilst I was at the market last so I jumped straight in to make the cushiony bit.

I used a hexagon base for my finished shaped and cut out 6 pieces of cotton fabric in the same shape (looks like two triangles joint together in the middle by a rectangle) and sewed the edges together leaving about 1cm clear of one end. I stuffed it with some old pillow stuffing and used another bit of cotton folded over the join of the elastic to join it all together and hide the hole-  I hand sewed that last bit.


(Already got pins in it!)

Cute, practical, super cheap and easy! All good things in my book!


Fabric: cotton scraps

Band: 3/4″ wide elastic, 5m for £1,


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