I got a wee bit sidetracked from my challenge today and decided to make a pair of shorts for my little sister Jess. I visited Walthamstow market recently and picked up a couple of metres of this floral satin finish woven fabric (mostly likely some weird synthetic stuff). Well anyway, it hangs perfectly for a pair of shorts I wanted to make and since Jess had been bugging me to make her something for so long, I though I’d have a go at making them for her.

And this is the end result…



(Exposed metal zip at the back)

The pattern was based on one I had made a while back for some high waisted swim shorts which I’ve altered for a woven fabric and added the flare to the leg. I even managed to add a nice exposed metal zip at the back. I was a bit worried about the fit of the shorts as Jess is A LOT smaller than I am (and the original pattern was for me). But some small adjustments to the pattern itself and some more to the fabric when she tried it on all seem to work out well. They look super cute and perfect for the summer- if it ever comes…


Fabric: 1/2 a metre, £1

Closure: zip, 50p

Total cost: £1.50



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