Up the duffle…

Moving slightly away from the garment making, I’ve jumped straight in with the bags (and there’ll probably a lot more to come)…

Task: A weekend bag!

I tend to carry a lot of stuff around on the weekends- I’m either travelling back to stay at my family home or out visiting friends for the weekend so a large carry all is really important for me!  And luckily for me, I found a really simple bag tutorial from a great blog right here on wordpress.com- it’s called Bag’n-telle. Look it up and you’ll see what I mean! I decided to start with the duffle bag tote as it seemed the most straightforward.

And ta-dah!


(My first duffle bag!)

I’ve used a simple woven plaid I’d bought from Lewisham market a year or so ago. It’s pretty thin so I’ve reinforced it with a fusible interlining. If you compare it with the original tutorial, you’ll also notice I’ve missed out the piping detail and the long shoulder strap. It all seemed like far too much effort and I knew that this would be good enough to fit my needs. Saying that, I did manage to put in a front pocket and machine embroider my initials on it… So don’t think about nicking it!

With the plaid and the brown straps, it has a real British heritage feel to it. I’ve used a couple of times so far and I’m really happy with how it’s turned out! It feels pretty sturdy, yet soft enough that I could fold it down quite small. I was thinking of packing it when travelling in case I ever need that last minute extra bit of luggage space (for all the souvenirs…). It’ll be small enough for carry on cabin luggage too, so pretty handy overall.


Fabric: woven (synthetic?, no clue…) plaid, Lewisham market. £2

Straps: 40mm wide webbing, eBay. £3.

Closure: 18″ ykk zip, eBay. 80p.

Total cost: £5.80


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