A matching set

Task: A matching bra to those knickers!

I am someone who always prefers to wear matching underwear whenever possible. I heard once that it’s a good idea incase you ever get hit by a bus and you end up with a cute doctor… I also have a vague feeling that might have been an advertisement of some sort… Who knows? All these things get confused over time!

At the moment I’m really looking to make a soft non wired bra for several reasons- firstly, they’re a heck of a lot easier and quicker to do and secondly, I’m getting a problem where a lot of wires are kind of cutting into my side. Anywho, I always think it’s a good plan to have a variety of styles and fits because you never know what’ll work best under an outfit!

So to match those knickers I’m using a cup pattern that I’d gotten from an old 70s lingerie pattern book. Not the most fashionable in the world, but it works for what I’m doing here. I decided to used use a simple straight band around the body and utilise the stretch in the lace as the ease around the back.

And this is how it turned out…



(A slight over lap at the front gives a crop top feel)

I think there’s  probably a few tweaks that can be made with this pattern- maybe adding tricot into the cups for added stability or using a wider band. It’s comfortable though. And a bit sexy if I do say so myself… 😉


Fabric: stretch galloon lace, eBay. £1-2/ m, around 80cm used

Elastic: picot edge elastic, debslaceandtrims.com, $2/ 5 yards, around 60cm used.

Closure: bra clasp, The Sewing Chest. 75p

Total cost: £2


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