Starting from the inside out…

Task one: knickers!

I’ve made a start on the 14 pairs of knickers and have made up 2 pairs in my favourite lacy panties pattern. It’s a knock off of a vintage style pair my sister had bought a year or so ago which I loved the look of. Best of all it’s super duper quick and easy to make! You’ll probably see a bunch more of these in a variety to colours soon…


(Laying out the pattern)

Saying that, I still only got round to making two pairs…


(My first two pairs! Woohoo!)

On the other hand I did manage to get time to make my own little labels for tags…


(My own labels- very professional if I do say so myself…)

I’ve made a bunch of tags and I’m planning on putting them in all the knickers! I came across a laundry pen the other day (£1.59 from Morrison’s) and bought it on the spur of the moment so I am now testing it out for waterproofness. My older sister and I had been looking, for a while, for something with a fine tip that would permanently mark fabric so that we could illustrate and draw our own patterns and artwork on fabric. This seems to do the trick- it all just depends on how well it stays!


Fabric: stretch galloon lace from eBay. Averages around £1-2 per metre.

Elastic: picot edge elastic, $2 for 5 yards.

Total cost: around £1.25 per pair.

12 more pairs to go…


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