The year so far…

2013 has so far been shaping up pretty well. I’ve been lucky enough to spend 2 and 1/2 weeks in Peru courtesy of my big sister, I’ve attended a couple of lingerie construction classes, work seems to going alright and I have plans to be going away for a 6 month trip around the world at the end of the year (fingers crossed)…

I’ve also had time to spare to take in some of the wonderful city of London- which I really don’t appreciate enough considering I’ve lived in it’s centre for the past 7 years.

What I’ve seen recently:

  • The Rain Room at the Barbican
  • The Valentino exhibit at Somerset House

The Rain Room was pretty cool- not sure if it was fully worth the 4 hour wait but I got some amazing pictures! I don’t really get the art bit though but it looked pretty awesome. The Valentino exhibit was a little disappointing to be honest. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it felt let down for some reason… Maybe I just don’t like his stuff that much!


(My sister in the Rain Room)

I’ve also had time to get back into sewing. I’ve made a start at more of the patterns from the Drape Drape book by Hisako Sato. I love the style of these clothes! A perfect mix of simplicity and complexity all in one. I’ve made 3 items from there so far and then got a bit ahead of myself and ordered Drape Drape 2 and 3 a few days ago… I’ll add pics of those pieces when I get a chance.

Earlier this year I managed to scrape together enough to purchase a new camera! I bought a second hand Fuji X100 from ebay which I love. It’s a retro style digital camera (see below!) and I’m still figuring out how to use it but so far so good!

IMG_7937(Me and my camera on Waterloo Bridge)


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