This blog is meant as a little platform to show a glimpse here and there into things I’m interested in, current projects I’m working on and general thoughts about life.

I have a few hobbies that’ll probably crop up, namely dressmaking, knitting and all things crafty! I’ve loved to make things since I was little. I’d always try making little bags and envelopes out of paper and try my hand at pretty much anything shown on Blue Peter. That’s kind of moved on. My main interests at the moment lie in designing and creating clothes. I’ve also started making my own lingerie and corsets as well as swimwear. (I’ve got a mild obsession with 40s and 50s swimwear at present- it’s just so feminine and sexy without flashing everyone!)

I’m also planning a little sabbatical from work at the end of they year to go travelling for 6 months with my older sister so I’m probably also going to be ranting about ways to earn more money to fund my trip! Tips, anyone?


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